Withings Sleep Analyzer

By Withings

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Sleep Analyzer records and computes your health parameters in real time to understand your sleep and deliver accurate health data.

Track sleep. Enhance bedtime. Wake up a better you

Featuring a simple one-time setup under the mattress, Withings Sleep helps improve sleep quality by offering advanced sleep cycle analysis (deep, light & REM), heart rate tracking, and snore detection. Delivers a daily Sleep Score. You can also create a better sleep environment by taking advantage of a range of smart home capabilities that Withings Sleep can support.

Your vital parameters, such as heart rate, breathing rate, and movements, are collected by advanced sensors located in an unobtrusive mat placed under the mattress and processed by exclusive algorithms to give you the most accurate & advanced insights of your night.

Continous heart rate tracking

Sleep measures your heart rate while sleeping, an indicator reflecting whether enough time is spent in deep sleep and a powerful marker of how your lifestyle can impact heart health.

Wake to immediate in-app results

Find your results automatically in the free Health Mate app (iOS & Android) via automatic Wi-Fi sync. It provides valuable data that can be used during a doctor visit or can be easily shared with your healthcare provider via PDF.

Easy setup

Easy one-time setup under the mattress makes Sleep fit effortlessly into your life. Withings Sleep is compatible with most mattresses (spring, latex, foam, and memory foam from 10 to 45 cm thick).

Enhanced sleep environment

Create smart home automation scenarios just by getting in and out of bed. Via IFTTT integration, Sleep can act as a switch to control lights, the thermostat and more.