QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

By Qardio

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Award-winning wireless blood pressure monitor for iPhone and Android. Track your blood pressure anytime and anywhere with QardioArm blood pressure monitor.

Simple to use

The users love measuring their blood pressure. In fact, they do so 3 times more often than other blood pressure monitor owners.

Clinically validated

QardioArm blood pressure monitor is clinically validated to give you a medically precise reading anytime, anywhere.

Understand your numbers

QardioArm blood pressure monitor displays your results on a color-coded WHO chart so you know what your numbers actually mean.

Take it anywhere

Cleverly designed cuff makes QardioArm compact and portable – so you can take a measurement anywhere.

Share your data

Keep your doctor informed between visits and let your family know you're doing well.

Powerful Features

  • Irregular Heart Beat Detection

  • Triple Measurement

  • Photo Slideshow

  • Result Interpretation

  • Charts and Graphs

  • Geo Tracking

  • Easy Data Sharing

  • Email Data to Doctor

  • Add Notes

  • Reminders

  • Friends Notifications

  • iOS, Android and Kindle Compatible