Jevitty Beta Testing: How to install the app

Please follow these instructions to install the Jevitty app on your iPhone:

1. Install TestFlight

TestFlight is an official Apple tool that makes it easy to test beta versions of iOS apps. Link:


2. Use the invitation link

Please tap this link from your iPhone:


Please accept and install:


Once installed, open the app:


Please turn on a toggle 'Automatic Updates' to keep the app up-to-date: new test builds will be installed automatically.

What you get:

FREE ANNUAL app subscription and a $50 REFUND*.

As an exclusive member of Jevitty pre-launch, we want to set you up with $50 off a smart device, as a thank you for your input.

Use this $50 towards a new Apple Watch, Oura ring or smart scale, just send us the receipt.

You may ask – Why do I need or should I consider these devices? (Oura ring, Apple Watch, Smart scale)

– Each device is equipped with up-to-date technology that provides you with insights into your health. We want to encourage you to measure your health daily so that you can easily monitor it and be educated seeing the insights. Knowledge is power! In order to enhance our lives, we must first learn what our health baseline is and only then can we set out to improve it.

What we get:

Your precious feedback. It will help us improve the system and your future experience.

If you have any further questions or need assistance while setting up the app, do not hesitate to contact us at

* – All the above devices can be found in the Jevitty marketplace on the website.